Kip Moore’s Music Helped A Combat Soldier Keep His Sanity

One of the coolest things about being an artist has to be when fans say your music inspired them, or helped them get through a tough spot.  KIP MOORE has a story about a fan who was in the toughest spot you can imagine.

Quote, “It was a soldier who told me [about] being attacked in the Middle East.  They were hiding out in a bunker for over 24 hours.  He said the ‘Up All Night’ album was on his iPod, and he listened to it over and over.

“That’s what kept his sanity in that moment.  It was a powerful moment for me.  That’s when you realize the weight of your words.”

Kip says he thinks about stories like that when he’s writing new music.  Quote, “[When] people tell you those kinds of things, all the sudden, it means a little bit more