Hey..Your Vote Will Count

Went to the mailbox again today, and lo and behold..MORE flyers from those pesky people who want me to give them my support.  Heck, turn on the television, or even here on your favorite radio station, and I betcha within a few minutes you’ll hear why “so and so” is the person who is gonna “fix all that’s wrong” with what’s going on!  But you know what?  No matter if you’re a conservative, or a liberal, a donkey or and elephant, man or woman, tall or short, PLEASE don’t ever forge that next Tuesday, and EVERY election cycle, we actually DO have a say.. but you must get out and vote!  If you are one of these folks that blurt out “I’m not voting..I don’t like any of them”, or “they’re all just crooks anyway!” or whatever your lame excuse..don’t be the one griping about how bad things are, and what you would do to change things!!  Because you know what?  You already had your chance!