Axl with AC/DC? Does Anyone Remember Gary Cherone?

This one has had me a little twisted for the past few I’m going with it!!  AC/DC has been one of my favorite bands since I was still using zit cream and worrying about who I was gonna ask to my 9th grade Social!!  I bought their albums as imports from Music Hut because we “yanks” hadn’t discovered ’em yet here up North.  Saw them live finally in 1979 with Bon Scott right before his untimely passing, and I’m sorry, but songs like “Sin City” and “Hell Ain’t A Bad Place to Be” still get me fist-pumpin!  So in 1980 when the band brought in Brian Johnson and continued on, although I wasn’t a huge fan, I still gave them their props as a cool, thumpin band.  Now founder and linchpin Malcolm is gone due to illness, Phil got in some law trouble, and his on again-off again drum gig was shut down,( does ANYONE even remember original bassist Mark Evans?) and now Brian Johnson who screeched his way into the hearts of millions of fans has been told he should stop yelping or maybe go deaf, and what does AC/DC do…?  “Frankenstein” what’s left of their legacy by bringing in a guy who couldn’t even show up for work with his OWN band!!  I know, I know..everyone will say Angus is DOING IT FOR THE FANS just to finish up this one last tour!!  Sure, and when Sammy Hagar left Van Halen, Eddie went and got the mega-talented Gary Cherone and ended up breaking up the band Extreme…and that worked out really well didn’t it?  Just sayin.Well, .I think I’ll go put on ” LET THERE BE ROCK “ that my friend IS AC/DC!!