Zac Brown Says He Didn’t Know the People in the Hotel Room Who Were Busted for Drugs

ZAC BROWN has admitted he was in the Florida hotel room when those people were busted for drugs a little over a week ago.  He posted a statement Friday on Facebook saying he was “in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

He claims he didn’t know the people who were arrested, and had no idea they were holding drugs.  He also said he cooperated with the police, and that he regrets using poor judgment for putting himself in that position.

As far as him not being on the police report, that’s because he wasn’t part of the criminal investigation.  His name got out because he was on something called a Computer Aided Dispatch, which documents the officer’s radio transmissions.

Basically, the cops mentioned his name when they were on the police radio, but since he didn’t do anything wrong, they didn’t put him in the actual police report.

TMZ is still pushing the idea that Zac’s fame got him special treatment.  A source told them that the police were star-struck and asked for his autograph.  Another source said Zac asked the police to keep him out of the report because he has a wife and kids.