If Aliens Got my IPOD

WooHoo!  Each day seems to get a little nicer weather wise these last couple of days!  Sunny, blue skies, warm temps..and I have  loved getting outside and doing a little yard work! Pulling weeds, cleaning up, even firing up the old 1970’s JC Penney lawnmower and cutting away!  And I ALWAYS have music on!!  My trusty little ipod that was a Christmas gift a few years back from my son (which I told him I’d never figure out how to use..I preferred my Walkman cassette player!!) always blaring “tunage” from my favorite bands and artists as I go about my chores, makes everything a little bit easier to perform..even if I do occasionally stop to play a little “air guitar” with Clapton or sing into my rake like I’m Jagger!!  Anyhow, I got to looking at what exactly I have loaded in my little black box of “musical goodies” and I have to admit, the collection is quite eclectic!   Ray Charles to Stevie Ray Vaughan, New York Dolls to old Robert Johnson, Theory of a Deadman to Dwight Yoakam!  Well, you get the picture!!  If little green men ever come down from outer space and gather up evidence of what “intelligent life forms” entertained themselves listening to, if they grab my collection, they will just shake their “green, multi-eyed little heads”!