‘Tis the (Riding) Season

It seems like every year I put this post on our website to remind those of you fine folks in our listening audience to use a wee bit more caution now when you get behind the wheel of that “multi-ton death machine” and head to your local Quickie-Mart to snag up your morning cup of “wake up” and your super-preserved lunchtime salad, because HERE WE COME AGAIN!!!  My brothers and sisters of the “two and three-wheeled variety”  are gonna be out sharing the road with you, as it is now coming into motorcycle riding season.

It is a serious thing gang!  Heck, my morning partner on WFBG, Steve Clark knows first hand what it’s like when “guy in car doesn’t pay attention, and hits guy on bike”!  He spent months as a young teen healing and recuperating because someone didn’t LOOK ONE MORE TIME!!  And he became a “hood ornament” on somebody’s Edsel!

So please…DO THAT!  Look one more time.  Don’t ride too close.  Don’t turn in front of an oncoming bike.  In other words, like my late-father use to say..”Use your head for something besides a hat rack!”  And let’s have a safe riding season.. see you all on the road!!