Billy Currington Unwinds by Hanging Out with Willie Nelson . . . and Surfing asked BILLY CURRINGTON what he does to unwind, and it sounds like he used it as a chance to do some name-dropping.  He said, quote, “I go hang out with WILLIE NELSON.  That’s the best way to unwind.  I’ve been fortunate to do that a couple times.”

With that out of the way, he finally got real and talked about his love of the water and surfing.  Quote, “I go to the ocean.  I’m [there] as quick as I can get there when I’m home.

“Just being on the waves, going up and down with the waves, or riding the waves in, there’s something so unique and special about it.  It takes my mind off of everything else.  Even if it’s just an hour, all the worries have been left out there in the water.”

There was a third thing he does to unwind.  He also relaxes by hanging out with his horse Seamus.