Are These Real Scrabble Words?

Today is National Scrabble Day, because the guy who invented it was born on April 13th, 1899.

His name was Alfred BUTTS

Seriously.  Anyway, you have to decide if these are real words from the Scrabble Dictionary, or we made them up.


1. Muzjik . . . M-U-Z-J-I-K.  (Pronounced MOOZ-jick)

Yes:  It’s a Russian peasant.  And the plural version is the best word you can play to start a game of Scrabble.  If you play it on the right spaces, it’s worth 39 points.


2.  Hashtag.  Obviously it’s a real word, but does it count in Scrabble?

Yes:  They added it to the official dictionary in 2014.


3.  Quanpuckle . . . Q-U-A-N-P-U-C-K-L-E.

NO.  Quanpuckle isn’t a word, we made it up.


4.  Lickspittle . . . L-I-C-K-S-P-I-T-T-L-E.


Yes:  It’s a real Scrabble word.  It means a brown-noser or a yes-man.


5.  Gardyloo . . . G-A-R-D-Y-L-O-O.


Yes:  It’s an old word people in Scotland used to yell before they threw buckets of slop out their windows, so people on the street could get out of the way.


Now go impress people with your useless new Scrabble knowledge.