I Wanna Give Thanx

tara  Let’s see..I think I am safe to say that I am possibly one of the most “technologically challenged” folks the Good Lord may have ever created!!  No joke people!  I don’t like all the “doo-dads” of modern technology.  I DON’T have a smartphone, I still have a landline, I hate texting, I have NO CLUE what a snap-chat is! Heck, I still prefer the scratchy sound of a good old vinyl 80’s metal album over some downloaded, streamed, whatever piece of music!  So Kudos to my instructor, my coach, my she-has-more-patience-than-anyone-on-planet-Earth-teacher Tara for sitting down with me, and patiently waiting while I hand-wrote step-by-step instructions on how to accomplish this very blog you are reading right now!!!  It WAS a process!  I was not soaking up all the terminology, but she just smiled, sighed, and explained it ALL again!  And here I am!!  Blogging like a true pro on our fancy, updated websites! Thanks Tara..my kids all said you might just be a “true worker of miracles”!  Now they wanna know if you can help me with my wardrobe!??!