Talk & Rock..How I Roll, Now..

So I hope most of you remember when I did a show called the Top 9 at 9, or maybe a Heavy Metal juggernaut called All Nite Album Rock on WFBG back in the day.  Well, about 7 months ago I was offered the opportunity to join a guy I grew up listening to and idolizing, in Steve Clark on the WFBG morning show!  Well, Duh!!  I jumped at the chance to come back to where “it all began for me”.  So now I split my broadcast day doing a talk show with Clarkie on WFBG, AM-1290 from 6 til 9 in the morning, and then rocking out with all of you as usual, afternoons from 3 til 7 on ROCKY 104.9!  I hope you will join me…TWICE every weekday!  Do I have a cool gig or what?!hot-5_WFBGhot-3_Rocky