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Six Signs You’ve Found a ‘Keeper’

It’s not that hard to tell when someone’s totally wrong for you.  But totally right is a little trickier.  So here are six signs you’ve found a keeper . . .

1.  They’re the first person you want to share good OR bad news with.  It means you’re comfortable being open and honest.  And you know they’ll celebrate with you, or be there to support you.

2.  You feel like you’re the REAL you around them.  You’re comfortable, and don’t feel like you have to put on a show to make them like you.

3.  You communicate well, even when things get tough.  Like after a fight, you’re quick to talk it through or say sorry.  And you’re respectful of each other.

4.  You feel like you’re on the same team.  And they’re willing to make sacrifices sometimes, just to make you happy.

5.  Your friends like them.  You shouldn’t let your friends totally dictate how you live your life.  But when they don’t like the person you’re with, it’s usually a big red flag.

6.  You’re proud to be with them, and they’re proud of you too.  Relationships that are built on mutual respect and appreciation tend to last.





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Teacher of the Month: Autumn Amerine – 5th Grade Teacher at Baker Elementary School

Our Final Teacher of the Month for this school year:
Autumn Amerine – 5th Grade Teacher at Baker Elementary School in Altoona. What a great school visit today!!!

Bill Kurtis – Midday On Air Personality at WALY 103.9, 5th Grade Student; Porcelain, Autumn Amerine – 5th Grade Teacher and Eva Strang – Education Coordinator for The Allied Milk Producers.


Four Ways Caffeine Is Good for You

A new study found that more than five cups of coffee a day is bad for your heart.  Which is a LOT of coffee.  But as long as you’re drinking five cups or less, you should be okay.  And it can actually be good for you.

Here are four potential health benefits of caffeine . . .

1.  In moderation, it might be GOOD for your heart.  Previous studies have found that three to four cups of coffee a day can lower your risk for heart disease and stroke.

2.  It helps with pain.  Especially if you pair it with a painkiller.  Research shows that taking ibuprofen with a cup of coffee works better than ibuprofen alone.  It can help with headaches, menstrual cramps, and even pain after you’ve had surgery.

3.  It can improve your memory.  A study in 2015 found that drinking coffee every day can give you a memory boost.  And studies with mice suggest it could even help you avoid Alzheimer’s.

4.  Caffeine may lower your risk for certain cancers.  Four or five cups a day has been shown to help people with colon cancer, and colorectal cancer.  And a 26-year study by the American Cancer Society found it could also cut your oral cancer risk in half.


Yes, Moms Really Do Love Getting Flowers and a Card for Mother’s Day

Two different surveys just came out that looked into what moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day.

And apparently women really do love getting flowers . . . a card . . . or anything sentimental.  Because all three of those things made the top five on both lists . . .

A survey by YouGov.com found the top ten things moms want this year are:  Flowers . . . a spa day . . . a card . . . a day to themselves . . . something sentimental . . . a day with no chores . . . jewelry . . . something homemade . . . candy . . . and clothes.  (Only 1% of women in the survey said electronics are the #1 thing they want.)

The second survey by Groupon found the top things moms want are:  A nice meal at a restaurant . . .  flowers . . . a card . . . something their child made them . . . something sentimental . . . perfume . . . jewelry . . . clothes . . . a massage . . . and a spa package.  (So a spa day, jewelry, and clothes also made both lists.)

The first survey also looked at WHO we’re giving presents to.  And 65% of adults plan to give at least one woman in their life a gift this year.

43% of us will buy something for our mom.  Our wife or partner is next at 18%.  Then mother-in-law, 13% . . . sister, 7% . . . grandmother, 6% . . . a friend, 4% . . . and another relative like an aunt, also 4%.


Four Things to Do Right Before a Job Interview

There are lots of things you can do in a job interview that make you stand out.  But here are four things you should do right BEFORE an interview . . .

1.  Arrive early, but don’t go inside.  You can’t be late OR too early.  So find a coffee shop or restaurant where you can wait, so you won’t have to worry.  Running late for an interview makes you even more nervous.

2.  Stop rehearsing.  Practicing for interviews is okay.  Just maybe not RIGHT before you go in, because you can end up sounding too scripted.  Being conversational is almost always better.  So just try to relax and clear your head.

3.  Don’t put yourself in a position where you have to cram for your interview.  You should research the company and know your talking points WELL ahead of time.  It’s a lot more stressful when you’re googling them on your phone in the parking lot.

4.  Avoid any excess stress.  Which might include things like reading the news or checking your email.  If those things help you RELAX, go for it.  Just don’t do anything that adds to your stress.  And as corny as it sounds, thinking happy thoughts really can put you in a better frame of mind.


Four Potential Health Benefits of Beer

If you need an excuse to toss back a few cold ones this weekend, here are four ways beer might actually be good for you . . .

1.  It reduces the risk of kidney stones.  A recent study found one beer a day can lower your risk by 41%.

(Bonus fact:  Doctors who specifically study kidneys are called nephrologists.)

2.  It can help replenish you after a workout.  The carbs in the beer are good after you’ve just burned a bunch of calories.  And studies have found it might be better than water when you’re dehydrated.

3.  It’s good for your bones.  A study at the University of Texas found that an occasional beer can actually increase bone density.

4.  It might help prevent Alzheimer’s.  The science is still out.  But some researchers think trace amounts of aluminum in our body has something to do with Alzheimer’s.  And a study in Spain found two beers a day can limit its ability to damage your brain.


Just 16 Minutes of Less Sleep Can Ruin Your Entire Day

Next time you’re debating whether to binge watch one more episode of a TV show or go to bed . . . hopefully you’ll remember this and GO TO BED.

According to a new study out of the University of South Florida, missing out on a very small amount of sleep can wreck the entire next day.

The researchers found that people who got just 16 MINUTES less sleep than usual had a tough time focusing and processing information the next day.

It was mostly true on work days, when people had to do a bunch of stuff they weren’t excited about.

On weekends, the effect was smaller . . . people who missed out on a few minutes of sleep didn’t have as much trouble focusing.  So if you’re going to stay up late, do it on the weekends. 


Happy Earth Day! Five New Stats on Our Recycling Habits

A new survey for Earth Day found 62% of us are worried we’re not recycling right, because we don’t know what can and can’t be recycled.  Here are two of the most common things we get wrong . . .

68% of us think used plastic utensils can be recycled.  And technically, they can.  But it costs too much.  So most recycling plants won’t do it.

And 53% of us think greasy pizza boxes should go in the recycling bin.  But they can’t be recycled either.  Here are five more recycling stats for Earth Day . . .

1.  82% of Americans want to be more environmentally friendly.  But only 31% of people said they always recycle.

2.  The average American throws out five things a week that could be recycled instead.

3.  Three in ten Americans are now using reusable water bottles instead of plastic.  And 29% of us try to avoid straws too.

4.  83% of us would be willing to pay extra for products if they were more environmentally friendly.

5.  Our top five excuses for not recycling are:  “It’s not convenient enough” . . . “I don’t have space for the extra bin” . . . “I don’t have time to separate my recycling” . . . “I don’t have enough information about how to do it” . . . and, “I’m too lazy.”