What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like?

A new survey asked 2,000 people what their “perfect day” would look like.  Here are the top ten parts of a perfect day, according to the results . . . 1. Wake up after a good night’s sleep.  That was the top thing people voted for.  The average person said they’d want to wake up…


This weeks everyday hero is Linda Straub!

This weeks everyday hero is Linda Straub owner of “Yard Kitty”. The Yard Kitty statue on Route 36 in Hollidaysburg is a local attraction. She is always dressed for the weather and even holidays! Linda is a great advocate for cats. She raises funds through yard sales for low cost spay/neuter programs, provides insulated cat…


Do You Use Your Phone When You’re on the Toilet?

How often do you use your phone on the toilet? If the answer is “always,” you’re not alone . . . 57% of people in a recent poll admitted they use their phone on the toilet at least some of the time. That includes 8% of people who said they ALWAYS do it. It’s way…

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