Have You Been Using Hand Sanitizer Wrong?

Hand sanitizer has been in stores since the late ’80s. A nurse in California came up with it in the ’60s, and Purell started selling it in 1988. So you’ve probably been using it for decades. But is it possible you’ve been doing it WRONG this whole time? If you just put a dab or…


Netflix Lost $3.2 Billion in Value After the Disney+ Announcement

Disney+ isn’t even launching until November, and it’s already causing chaos for Netflix.  On Thursday, after Disney’s big announcement, Netflix stock dropped 2%. That doesn’t sound like much, but it translates to $3.2 BILLION.  (!!!) Disney+ is going to have hugely popular content, but that’s not the only thing Netflix has to worry about.  Disney+…


Khalid’s “Free Spirt” Flies

This weekend multi-platinum, five time Grammy-nominated, global superstar Khalid releases his much anticipated sophomore album Free Spirt. He self-released his hit debut single Location during his senior year of high school. Now at 21 and more than a billion streams later Khalid’s second full-length album wrestles with coming to terms with fame, wealth, and lingering…

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