Jana Kramer Will Not Be Hiring a Hot-Looking Nanny

If you’re an attractive young nanny, and you’re looking for work, sorry, but JANA KRAMER is not going to hire you.  However, if people compare you to Alice from “The Brady Bunch” . . . send her a pic and a resume. Better yet, post it on, which is a job website for nannies, pet sitters, housekeeping, and senior…


Kane Brown: “I’m Gonna Be a Daddy”

Kane Brown announced to his more than three million followers on social media that he and his wife Katelyn are expecting. “It’s been so hard keeping this a secret!!!!! But the KB’S ARE GONNA BE PARENTS!!! KB3 IM GONNA BE A DADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  


Johnny Cash Statue Will Stand at U.S. Capitol

The Man in Black will soon also be the Man in Stone, as one of the illustrious Arkansas natives picked to represent the state in a U.S. Capitol display. Alongside the Country music icon’s statue will be the statue of Daisy Bates, an activist and writer who mentored the group of nine children who integrated…