Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood “Won’t Touch Politics” at the CMAs

As always, there will be plenty of surprises at the CMAs, but there’s one thing there WON’T be this year.  Politics.  At least not while BRAD PAISLEY and CARRIE UNDERWOOD are in front of the mic. Brad says, “I’m not gonna touch that.  I just don’t find politics funny anymore.  There was a time when it was.  It’s just…


Leapin Lily found her wedding dress!

Over the weekend, I found my wedding dress. I never thought it would be such an emotional thing. My mom, my sister, our friends and pretty much everyone there was crying. I can’t believe I’ll be getting married next summer! I never thought I’d be a bride.   I also can’t wait to show everyone…


Military Members Thank Cody Johnson for His In-Show Tributes

If you’ve seen CODY JOHNSON in concert then you know he always takes a moment to honor our first responders, police, and military members. They’ve noticed too.  He received a video featuring six overseas service members thanking him.  And since yesterday was Veterans Day, he posted it on Instagram. He wrote, “I can’t even begin to explain…