Faith Hill Leads a Voter Registration Rally

Faith Hill is passionate about voting. She’s stepping up to help inspire potential voters by headlining a voter registration rally in Nashville on Monday on behalf of When We All Vote … that’s a nonprofit group that works to drive conversations around voting and encourages people of all parties to register. “When we all vote…


Willie Nelson Doesn’t Care If People Disagree with His Politics

WILLIE NELSON was on “The View” yesterday promoting his “My Way” album.  And because that show HAS to stir things up, they hit him with questions about his politics. They asked why people are “shocked” that he supports Texas senate candidate Beto O’Rourke.  He said, quote, “I don’t know why because I’ve been supporting democrats all my life.  [I] haven’t hidden…


Brett Young Is Glad He Didn’t “Make It” Until He Was Older

I keep forgetting that BRETT YOUNG is 37 years old.  For one, he doesn’t look it, but also because he hasn’t been around that long.  He moved to Nashville four years ago, and didn’t start breaking out until 2016. He’s a great example of an artist who took awhile to find his voice.  His career started in Los Angeles…