Metallica New Material 4/16/19

Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett has told Australia’s Mixdown magazine that he doesn’t want to wait eight years between studio albums again as the band did with 2016’s Hardwired…To Self-Destruct. Hammett explained, “We’re hoping to avoid that this time around. We’re in our third year since Hardwired. Maybe we can get a bit more focus and go into the studio a bit sooner. I have a ton of material. I’ve over-compensated, so I’m ready to go anytime.”

The band’s “WorldWired” tour is scheduled to last until November 2019, after which it could be time to hop back into the studio. Hammett continued, “When I was 13-14 years old, bands put out albums every year. Seriously, Kiss put out an album every eight months. None of this eight years between albums.”

Bassist Robert Trujillo told us not long ago that the band still enjoys the songwriting process after all these years: [“When we strap our guitars on and we get on the practice floor, we start writing, I mean, it’s fun. And that’s the thing that keeps, I think, this band so relevant, is that we actually really enjoy coming up with ideas. And the work ethic is super, super strong and that’s what takes us longer than other bands, you know, because we’re sitting there and, you know, sometimes we’re really analyzing things.”] SOUNDCUE (:23 OC: . . . really analyzing things.)

Trujillo also recently said the band’s next studio album would arrive “a lot sooner than the previous two did,” adding, “This time around, I think we’ll be able to jump on it a lot quicker and jump in the studio and start working. We’ve all vowed to get this one going sooner than later.”

Metallica will tour Europe this spring and summer before playing two shows with the San Francisco Symphony in September.

Story source: Mixdown

SIDE NOTES: Kirk Hammett did not contribute any material to 2016’s Hardwired album, in part because in 2014 he lost his phone that contained hundreds of song idea. Hammett said it was “devastating” for him to “start at zero” again, adding, “By the time I got a few ideas flowing and formed, most of the songs were already written.” He called the experience a “very bitter pill to swallow.”


  • According to Billboard, Hardwired…To Self-Destruct was the 12th Metallica album to sell at least a million copies since Nielsen Music began tracking sales in 1991.
  • In total, the group has sold 58 million albums in the U.S. in the Nielsen Music era, with nearly 17 million sold alone of 1991’s self-titled “black album.”