Local News Headlines 4/16/19

Here’s your Tuesday morning 4/16 headlines:

Powerful storms spawned at least three tornadoes in Pennsylvania Sunday and Monday.

Two former Penn State frat brothers are avoiding jail time in the death of a pledge two years ago.

It’s still early, but it looks like the Altoona School District’s new budget will come without a hike in taxes.

State Police are looking for the thieves who broke into the Altoona Water Treatment plant in Tipton.

An investigation is underway into how a woman became trapped in a pipe at a closed power plant in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

It looks like there may be a problem with the proposed new AMED headquarters to be built in Lakemont.

Ambulance response times in Blair County are second to none across the state.

Hollidaysburg Borough Council has voted on the parking issue surrounding the County Courthouse.